The innovative FinQ programme is the first programme in Slovakia to combine financial literacy with the development of critical thinking and decision-making skills. It is the first comprehensive programme of financial education for schools that we have developed ourselves. The programme is systematically focussed on improving financial culture and the cross-curriculum development of pupils’ competences based on the methodology without any unnecessary increase in content requirements.

The Programme aims to help young people to take responsible financial steps when coming into the real life and make appropriate decisions based on the understanding of information in broader contexts. The Programme promotes the development of critical thinking in the general area of finance.

The programme offers: A total of 55 hours of high-quality, innovative education approved by the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport; A comprehensive methodology for professional skills development; A complete set of method guides and worksheets for teachers and pupils in various subjects; My FinQ+ Portfolio for pupils; FinQ Education Portal for teachers and school management; EduQ Education Portal for teachers, pupils and parents; A set of assessment tools and certification options for pupils; Optional quality management for schools; Continuous expansion of the programme to new areas and continuous updating of the programme in accordance with developments in the national curriculum and international educational norms.

The FinQ programme is intended for all primary and secondary schools in various establishment areas. FinQ brings necessary and interesting data even for school founders themselves.

In the first stage, the programme focuses on teacher training through distance and in-person learning. This prepares the teachers to incorporate the innovative FinQ methodology directly into their classroom activities. Activity instructions and worksheets are provided for teachers to use. Initial diagnostic tests are carried out to determine the baseline of pupils’ competences. Their progress is measured repeatedly during implementation of the programme.

When designing the Programme, we applied a philosophy based on three quotients: the intelligence quotient and emotional quotient measuring humans’ ability to recognise and understand their environment, and the FinQ quotient as a measure of the ability to use critical thinking in order to influence one’s own financial situation and that of the society. The latter needs to be continuously developed across all areas of life so that the understanding of information against broader contexts helps young people to make the right decisions, including taking the right steps in the area of finance, when entering the real life.
Financial equation
IQ + EQ + FinQ = 3Q For Life