It is our first comprehensive financial education programme for Slovak schools. Based on the methodology, the Programme focuses on systematically improving financial culture and aspires to develop pupils’ and pedagogues’ critical thinking.

The Programme aims to help young people to take responsible financial steps when coming into the real life and make appropriate decisions based on the understanding of information in broader contexts. The Programme promotes the development of critical thinking in the general area of finance.

Before the launch of the Programme at pilot schools, we will focus on educating the headmasters and teachers of selected schools. We have prepared for them all methodological tools they may need, including education modules, a stock of methodological guidelines and a stock of assignments and evaluation tools.

We have selected the first 25 schools from all regions of Slovakia to take part in the pilot run, which is scheduled for the school years 2019/2020 and 2020/2021. We are delighted about the interest of the 190 registered schools which responded to our call. The selection of schools is closed already, but we will extend the Programme to other schools after the completion of the pilot testing run.

At the first pilot testing stage taking place in the school year 2019/2020, we focus on the education of the selected schools’ headmasters and teachers and the initial testing of pupils. The second stage, which is to start on 01 September 2020, will bring FinQ directly to the pilot classes of primary and secondary level schools. At the end of the school year 2020/2021, the final testing of children and the evaluation of the pilot testing will be performed.

When designing the Programme, we applied a philosophy based on three quotients: the intelligence quotient and emotional quotient measuring humans’ ability to recognise and understand their environment, and the FinQ quotient as a measure of the ability to use critical thinking in order to influence one’s own financial situation and that of the society. The latter needs to be continuously developed across all areas of life so that the understanding of information against broader contexts helps young people to make the right decisions, including taking the right steps in the area of finance, when entering the real life.
Financial equation
IQ + EQ + FinQ = 3Q For Life

The Programme comprises an education portal with all methodological and support tools:
  • A uniform reference framework of competence levels (A1 - B2) in the field of financial education to develop critical thinking and higher cognitive processes in pupils,
  • Comprehensive methodological support for financial education using education modules which promote a pro-active approach;
  • Specialised education modules for headmasters in conformity with the reference framework;
  • Specialised education modules for teachers in conformity with the reference framework;
  • 250 methodological guideline sheets for teachers (levels A1 to B2) in conformity with the reference framework for financial education development;
  • A stock of learning assignments and evaluation tools;
  • A portfolio for pupils.